the experts speak

This morning on the radio, the news announcer said, “Do you ever wonder why wives like Mrs. Spitzer and Hillary Clinton stand by their husbands? Stay tuned; we’ll be joined by a marriage counselor and ‘couples’ expert right after the news.” 

The ‘couples’ expert called in from Texas and, while her oil-well accent begged listening to, she really didn’t have anything eye-opening to say. The gist of her message was, “Mrs. Spitzer is probably in shock and unable to act…and Mrs. Spitzer and Hillary Clinton have both been married to their husbands for all those years…” 

Then I went to breakfast at Gitsis Hots, a less than elegant little diner on a funky, litter-strewn street. Here, the real experts – the ‘people’ offered their take on spousal loyalty in the face of unfaithfulness and subsequent public humiliation. 

Debbie, the fifty-year-old waitress, wrinkled her forehead as she studied the picture of Silda Spitzer on the front page of the paper and offered thoughtfully, “Maybe she knew all along.” 

Orlando, the Puerto Rican dishwasher was loading dishes on the counter and listening. He stood up straight, turned to us and, with a slowly appearing lascivious grin said, “Maybe she doing same thing to him.”


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