my son the rising rock star i: recording

They found a studio where the guy agreed to produce a seven-song CD for $1,125. When Jeremy first called to tell me, I wondered at their doing this before they’d even played out. To me the natural step after practicing for a year behind closed doors would be to play for an audience, even just a group of friends. Were all those months composing and practicing songs in Bob and Cher’s basement to be experience by no one but themselves? Was this some kind of subconscious group denial that they would ever play out?

“What are the songs about?” I asked my son.

“Oh, stuff…”

“What kind of stuff?”

“Mmm…growing up…leaving home…breaking up…” I could feel the shrugs across the phone connection.

Regardless of my thoughts about their doing the CD first, I was impressed by their focus and dedication. Jeremy was a full-time college student with a part-time job. The other four band members were out of college and working full-time. They had practiced religiously every Monday night for over a year. I really wanted to hear that CD. I wanted to hear what my barely communicative son had to say, if not in full sentences and directly facing me, then I’d settle for musical phrases recorded in another town. I agreed to underwrite Jeremy’s portion of the studio costs.

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