professional neighbors

When the time goes behind in the fall or ahead in the spring, as it did last week, the psychiatrist in the next office comes in the front room of my office suite and changes my wall clock. It’s battery powered and tends to run slower than an AC clock, so he also comes in throughout the year and re-sets it to the exact time. My resume writing office is the first office one comes to when entering our hallway. The second office – just past my glass door – is the psychiatrist. He says his patients look in my door and see the time and judge whether they are running early or late. They may wait in the hallway if they think they are running early based on my slow clock.  

The coin and stamp dealer in the building next door is moving after many years in that location. I saw the “moving” sign in their window and trucks backed up to their door. I also noticed boxes of discarded items stacked against the front of the building. I have been walking back-and-forth to work since winter took a break and the last two days I’ve made it a point to walk directly past the coin and stamp store’s front door. You never know; maybe they threw away some old money.

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One Comment on “professional neighbors”

  1. Joseph Belle-Isle Says:

    I throw away old money all the time. When gasoline here costs $3.29 a gallon I figure I throw out about $3.28 per gallon. And that causes ED. That and something in the drinking water-oh yeah- the price tag.

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