my son the rising rockstar iv: meeting the band

As hard hitting as my son’s band is, the five members appear, at least physically, more like a Sunday school choir as they now set up their equipment on stage in this loud and dimly lit bar. This skewed impression comes from the fact that they are performing in the wake of the just-departed opening band, Chaos, a stripped-to-the-waist, heavily sweating, tattooed and body-pierced tornado of auditory assault.  

In contrast, there’s a hierarchy of respect in my son’s family, I mean band. Father Bob is lead singer and chief composer. Mother Cher is co-composer and singer. Big brother-who-looks-after-everyone-else-by-shoring-up-any-musical-lags is bassist Mike. Controlling the time is the chronically late, black sheep of the family, drummer Bob. My son, Jeremy, is the kid brother.

Several of them lived together during college. They told my son they were forming a band and needed him as the guitarist. Jeremy said, “I’m really just a rhythm guitarist, not a lead guitarist.” 

“Monday nights. Seven PM. Bob and Cher’s house!” they replied.

 Although I believe the most air-playable songs on the CD are the two Cher and my son composed, Cher had the least involvement in the practice sessions since five of the songs do not feature her voice. Late into the Monday night practice sessions she was often found asleep on a couch in a fetal position. Hence, they named their band Feedl.

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