abortion i: the prayer line

Walking down the street one night I came upon Planned Parenthood, providers of abortion referral services. They were closed but there was the prominent white “prayer line” painted across the sidewalk. It designates the nearest point anti-abortion protesters can come to the building.

Walking creates a rhythm both phsyical and conceptual. Sometimes I view the scenery, or I may review my day, think about people I should have killed and still may. This night I found myself thinking about the prayer line, now behind me.

If my parents had had an abortion I wouldn’t be here. We can all say that. Although, in my own case, I’m sure there were times when my parents wished they’d considered that option.

I’m familiar with most of the issues. On the one hand: it’s a woman’s choice. “It” is not really a human until such-and-such a point in the pregnancy. What if the woman is a rape victim? There are already too many unwanted children.

But: from the moment of conception unique human traits do indeed begin to form. Abortion is not natural. It’s not God’s plan. Many people would love to adopt a non-aborted infant.

I once saw that nurse speak, the one who survived getting blown up in that Alabama abortion clinic. She presented a slide show of her wounds from the nail bomb. I thought she went overboard, graphically. I thought it ironic how she detailed the fragility and value of her life.

The question as I see it isn’t whether or not abortion is taking a life. It is. The question is, how do we as a society justify doing it? Or not?

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3 Comments on “abortion i: the prayer line”

  1. That nurse, Emily Lyons, made her money at that abortion mill assisting in murdering helpless unborn babies. As far as I’m concern she reaped what she sowed. Actually she didn’t actually reap what she sowed, because she is still alive and those innocent helpless babies she help murder are dead.

  2. Frank Paolo Says:

    Abortion is the worst form of birth control
    imaginable – no argument there. But what
    really angers me is many times the same people
    who point fingers and scream “murder” are the
    very ones who for years blocked sex education
    in schools and fought easily accessible birth

    I believe THEY are at least partially responsible
    for the tragedy of abortion today.

  3. Frank Paolo Says:

    Before anyone takes seriously anything this dolt says, you should know these facts:

    Don Spitz is head of Pro-Life Virginia which is closely connected to the Army of God. He is also the keeper of the AOG web site. The ‘Father’ seems to be an ‘honorary’ title.

    Army of God (AOG) is a radical anti-abortion terrorist organization that advocates the use of violence to combat abortion in the United States. (Wikipedia) It is SO extreme, even the well-known anti-abortion extremist, Terry Randall (of Western New York) will not endorse it – at least in public.

    In 2001, at the height of the United States anthrax scare, more than 170 abortion clinics and doctors offices in 14 states received letters containing white powder and the message “You have been exposed to anthrax. We are going to kill all of you”. Army of God, Virginia DARE Chapter.

    There are many good Christians who are against abortion – but their opposition does not include terrorism and murder. If you have the stomach to go to the AOG website, you will see the common yet still horrifying pictures of aborted fetuses. You will also read support (almost worship) of those people who have assassinated doctors who perform abortions.

    To me, Don Spitz (a fitting name) and his ilk – are equivalent to the terrorists who murdered 3000 innocent people on 9/11. But since their ‘Allah’ is Jesus Christ, their cause seems even more repulsive.


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