Profiling at the US-Canadian border

A female associate and I recently drove to Canada on business. We traveled through Northern New York and crossed into Ontario at an out-of-the-way crossing site. We were the only car in sight, in either direction.

While in Canada we stopped for lunch. As on previous Canadian trips I wondered, reading the menu, what the savings were these days using US dollars against Canadian. I needn’t have bothered trying to do the math. When the bill came for $26.00, that’s exactly what it was, $26.00.

I asked the waitress, “Even exchange?”

She said, “Yep. Actually you probably owe me three cents on the dollar but I’m not even going to worry about that.” When she made change, our money went into the till mixed with Canadian cash.

Coming back across the border we were, as usual, questioned. I always find myself thinking, “Hey, I just came through here a couple hours ago, don’t you remember me?” Then, “Duh, that’s right; that was at the other end of the bridge, in another country!”

This crossing was the site of a recent and highly publicized drug bust. While the Customs guy questioned us through the driver’s window, a DEA agent with his German shepherd stepped up from the passenger’s side. He looked at our car, a no-frills 2007 sedan, and at us, apparently a couple, middle-aged and white, and took his search dog back to the trailer.

As we drove away unhassled I said to my friend, “I do believe we’ve just been profiled.”

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