Thunder and lightning as a crowd pleaser

Yesterday afternoon started out beautifully. I went up to Cobb’s Hill to walk around the city reservoir (.66 miles, 12 minutes). The first lap I had my shirt off, soaking up the sun. By midway through the third lap the weather had changed so dramatically that I was shivering and wondered if I would make it back to my truck without getting drenched in rain.

The 3:30 sky had darkened to almost nightfall and it was thundering. People were lined up along the city overlook in their cars watching bolts of lightning crack and strike over Downtown Rochester, a mile away. It was like the Fourth of July when folks come up here at night to watch the fireworks. But this time it was a collection of people who’d actually started to leave the hill after walking or jogging, then caught the view of the approaching storm and stopped.

We watched as the wall of rain come across the land toward us. The wall of falling water obliterated from our sight one office building after another, until there was no more cityscape visible.

Now the rain front made its way across the low-lying treed neighborhoods. The newly-leafed trees bowed in unison under the weight of the water and thrashed together in the wind.

The most spiritual part of this was the fact that all these people stopped to watch. No one was speeding off to a store or a waiting television program.

The afternoon ended beautifully.

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One Comment on “Thunder and lightning as a crowd pleaser”

  1. Frank Paolo Says:

    How cool! Out of all the things you’ve written that I’ve read, this is certainly the best for me.

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