Arthur Shawcross: the aftermath (Part II)

Arthur Shawcross hunted deer, enjoyed butchering them, and was fascinated with their necks. So said Fran, the superintendent of the apartment complex where he lived. There was an actual apartment building, where Fran had her office, and an old mansion, where Shawcross had his apartment…right across the driveway from Fran. The two spoke almost daily – Fran, a former exotic dancer who looked like a professional model, and Shawcross, the man who’d murdered eleven women with his bare hands. Their exchanges ranged from “Hellos,” to Arthur bringing her soup he’d made using a deer’s neck.

“The neck is the best part of the deer,” he said one day as he came into her apartment and put the pot on her stove.

One day a bat got into an empty apartment Fran was showing. The handyman couldn’t catch it. Fran mentioned this to Arthur as he was leaving for his job as a security guard that afternoon. He said, “Let’s go up there.” They walked into the apartment and there was the bat, clinging to the wall. Arthur walked over and slapped him dead, flattening him like a fly.

“He had hands as big as a baseball mitt,” Fran said.

Late one summer night Fran was working in her garden in the front yard. She liked to garden at night, out of the hot sun, using her yard floodlight. This particular night she looked up and there was Arthur standing next to her in the grass, in the dark. He said, “You shouldn’t be doing this; you don’t know who might be out here walking around at this time of night.”

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