You call that “journalism?”

Awhile back I was invited by Dr. Susan Barnes, Journalism Professor, to participate in a symposium she was coordinating at Rochester Institute of Technology, called Journalism in the Digital Age. There were several panel discussions and presentations that day, given by local and national media folks. I and five other bloggers participated on a panel discussion: Is Blogging Journalism? We fielded some really good questions from an audience that represented a broad mix of ages and cultures.

I felt particularly honored when I looked up and realized that J. Ford Huffman, Deputy Managing Editor of USA Today was in our audience. I had attended a presentation he had given that morning. When asked by an audience member what he thought of blogs, he had briskly discounted them as “unreliable,” and it was obvious he wasn’t happy with the advantage that blogs – electronic sites – had over newspapers, the latter of which cost a lot of money to print and distribute. So I was surprised to have him sitting ten feet in front of me and my fellow bloggers listening to us articulate our niche in 21st century journalism. Over six feet tall, in his suit and white hair, sitting among the more casual college community, he stood out like a US Senator might in a supermarket checkout line.

I was taken aback, but somewhat tickled, when he suddenly stood in a huff and walked out in the middle of our panel discussion.

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One Comment on “You call that “journalism?””

  1. You should have shouted after him, “Hey, don’t walk out in a huff, man!”

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