Just shut up and sing


I personally don’t want to hear your political views.

Same for you, Peter, Paul and Mary.

I resent the fact that you’ve used your concerts – where myself and many others have come and bought a ticket to hear you perform – to force upon us your personal political treatises that, odds are, aren’t shared by many people here in attendance.

Ah, but that’s the point, isn’t it; to take advantage of the situation to confront those of us who may not agree?

There are indeed many of us who don’t agree with you. We outnumber you and your band of three, four, five… But you have a mike and amplifiers. You also have (well, had) our respect.

Your song lyrics hold the messages we came to hear. Music, itself, is healing, stirring. So just shut up and sing.

Dixie Chicks, too. In fact, just shut up!

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2 Comments on “Just shut up and sing”

  1. MarkS Says:

    Rich old friend, I hate to tell ya, but you’re full of shit on this one.

  2. Jen Says:

    Hmm….Well there’s always classical music with no words so you could put your own thoughts or non thoughts to the music without words. Or there’s the Cirque du Soleil where the language is made up…or there’s opera sung in another language without translation. Were you having a bad day?

    Everything is political including the concept of love. And what do you think about those who have an opinion and write about it in ink or on their website?

    The only way we ever grow is to feed upon new words and thoughts and food. Some of it we like, some of it we don’t. But we change ourselves and others by openning ourselves to new and often contradictory ideas and experiences.

    And these sir are some of my unsolicited thoughts through your website in which comments are requested. More later.

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