Raise your hand if you have a solution!

I think the impending shortage of natural resources is worse than many of our leaders believe. If the price of a barrel of oil has doubled in the last 12 months, it stands to reason that the price of gas will follow the trend, doubling in the next twelve months. I think this will happen even if nothing else bad happens, like Israel invading Iran.

To me the proposal by some to find other places to get oil, like Alaska, is playground logic. That will dry up eventually. “More oil” is addressing the symptom, not the cause. The proposal to develop alternative fuels is more creative, but sixth or seventh grade logic at best.  We need to change the way we live. We are greedy consumers.

We are an automobile-centric society building to a crescendo, while at the same time two other variables have entered the picture: we are or will be running out of virtually every resource necessary to sustain a society who lives to turn the key and hit the road, and there are other societies who would now emulate us. Imagine what gas will cost when a billion Chinese get cars.

We need to take the automobile out of the center of the equation. We need to stop bowing to Detroit-Mecca. Can we relocate closer to our jobs, do our jobs from home, work four ten-hour days instead of five? Can we find ways to use the technology of computers or the internet to “travel” instead of putting pedal to the metal on a daily basis? We need to start walking and cycling, to eliminate “gasoline” from our vocabulary.

Did I see someone raise their hand?

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