Telemarketer from Hell: Part III

My office phone rings…telemarketer. Not just any telemarketer – the telemarketer, the one I do want to talk to; the one who bounced a check when he paid for my resume writing service. When I called him on it he told me in a shamefully obvious ploy that the resume was no good, thereby eliminating the need for him to make good on the check.

Now he’s singing a new tune. He has a job interview and wants to come over right now and make corrections. I can’t believe he has the audacity to call me, even though I offered to fix whatever was wrong with his resume, after he told me I did crap work. But I think I’ve figured him out – he has no pride.

I don’t really want to see him again, even though he’ll have to pay me the balance if I “fix” his resume. To my disappointment, he arrives, and on time for once. The “mistakes” to which he vehemently alluded – that rendered his resume unusable – are the use of bold font where he wants italic, and italic where he wants bold. Then it comes out. His computer couldn’t read the resume I’d sent him as an attachment and so these “corrections” are just another ruse to get me to print out a copy for his interview.

“Corrections” made and new copies in hand, he stands to leave.

“The money?” I say.

“You already got it,” he smiles. “They resubmitted the check; charged me thirty-five bucks for it!”

As he walks out, my first impulse is to check my bank account; then I stop. I’m not ready just yet to find out that this guy has duped me again.

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2 Comments on “Telemarketer from Hell: Part III”

  1. Frank Paolo Says:

    When you’re ready, send me an -e- and I’ll tell you (ps – the answer is YES!) Do you have the name of the company to which this man applied? Talk to you after California.

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