Seattle: Rainier Avenue on a sunny day

Rainier is a major artery in Seattle. Interestingly, it’s a road designed by Frederick Olmstead, who created public spaces back east here in Rochester. The name comes from the fact that on clear days, like today, Mt. Rainier is “out,” as they say in Seattle, looming loud and clear at the end of the road looking north, although the mountain is actually 60 miles away. These are the business and their signs I passed walking a one-mile stretch of Rainier, from Loews, in what is referred to as the Rainier Valley:

·         Wells Fargo – More than free checking

·         Firestone

·         Starbucks

·         Chief Seattle Council Boy Scouts of America

·         Me Cay Da Restaurant

·         Columbia Physical Therapy

·         El Mexicano Seattle Video

·         Rainier Hair Salon

·         Van Loi Lo Bun Banh Hoi Banh Beo Restaurant

·         Saigon Printing (with second sign in Vietnamese characters)

·         Waste Management truck stops dead pulling out of a driveway fifteen paces ahead of me; motions me to go; he will not pull ahead; pedestrians have the right of way here – its enforced

·         Mai Tinh Thu Gift Shop

·         Samoli Community Services of Seattle

·         Saigon Moi Restaurant

·         Chubby & Tubby’s Discount Store – serving Seattle since 1947

·         Really messed up homeless man across street trying to pull himself up from the sidewalk groping at empty air

·         Mekong Seattle – Oriental Groceries and Gifts (with signs in Vietnamese, Chinese and Farsi)

·         Berean Church of God in Christ

·         Phoi Auto Co. – Used Car Sales

·         Old school bus painted white with awning extending from it: “Open” neon sign in window; sign hand-painted on bus: Tacos el Asedaro

·         Homeless man now vertical with aid of shopping cart

·         Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union

·         Thuy’s Vietnamese Bridal and Tailor Shop

·         West Coast Auto Body

·         Homeless man horizontal again

·         All City Auto Sales – Get Approved Here! (100 used cars; 50 still have license plates: “WashingtonEvergreen State”)

·         Fine Line Window Tinting, Car Stereo and Alarm

·         Taco Bell

·         Starbucks

·         Game Craze

·         Radio Shack

·         Safeway (supermarket)

·         Hollywood Video

·         Northbend Nails – Walk-ins Welcome

·         Nguyen Xuan Thanh Law Offices

·         Ta Luu Anh Dung, CPA, CMA

·         Cac Djch Vu Ve Thue, Di Tru Income Tax

·         Quan Phuoc Le, MD Medical Office, Physician & Surgeon

·         Sweet Pot Body Oils & Incense

·         QT Nails

·         Sign tied to tree: Stop Foreclosure – Call 1-800-444-4444

·         Hollywood Nails

·         Ky Van Tran, MD, Primary Care Clinic

·         Ethio Grocery and Smoke Shop

·         Gambia International Gift Store

·         Northwest Community Service Food Bank

·         da Pino Italian Café & Roganao Sausage

·         Global Furniture – Italian Design

·         Top Spot Chinese Restaurant

·         Jumbo Chinese Restaurant

·         Johnnie’s Nails

·         Walgreens

·         Tully’s Coffe

A perfect Seattle day. The magnificent Rainier is “out,” as is the cultural landscape, I’ve got my Tully’s coffee and the screws I need to fix the kitchen faucet.

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One Comment on “Seattle: Rainier Avenue on a sunny day”

  1. Jen Says:

    Besides all these names of businesses from people in lands across the sea, your walk ends at Genessee street and name from the Iroquios part of the world.

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