Individual versus team athletes

How much teamwork is there in professional sports? Consider the following ten traits manifested by a hypothetical athlete. Do you think they depict an individual athlete, like a golfer, tennis player, swimmer, auto racer, or long distance runner? Or do they depict the behavior of a team athlete (as in “All for one, one for all”)?

1 Demand and receive a guaranteed annual salary regardless of their future success.

2 Get busted for DWI, assault, rape, torturing dogs, or beating up their woman.

3 Use unethical or illegal peformance enhancement substances.

4 Randomly cop a punk-ass attitude.

5 Fail to show up for, or out-and-out boycott practices.

6 Demand up-negotiation of an as yet unfulfilled contract.

7 Jump over a car that’s going 60 miles an hour.

8 Punch out a member of the opposition.

9 Accidentally shoot their bodyguard.

10 File for bankruptcy in spite of being paid millions.

Do you think a pole vaulter or a football player is more likely to display the above behavior?

I find the use of the terms “team” and “teamwork” ironic. Unless, of course, the “game” is Antisocial Behavior, and the position one is playing is God.

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