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Old Books: 1911 Boy Scout Handbook

July 14, 2008

Boy Scouts of America, Handbook for Boys, Price 40 cents


BATHS: Besides exercises a boy should have simple, workable rules for living. A boy ought to take a good soap bath at least twice a week and always after he has played a hard game or performed work of a nature that has caused him to perspire freely. Each morning a quick sponge bath should be the first order of the day, in water as cool as he can stand it, followed by a good rub with a coarse towel.

PAIN: One thing that should be regarded seriously is pain in any form in any part of the body. If there is a dull headache frequently, find out what causes it. Pain in the knee, the arch of the foot, or at any point, should be taken seriously. Pain means something is wrong. It may be brave to bear it, but it is not wise. Remember that pain felt in one part of the body may be the result of something wrong in another part. See a wise doctor about it.


KNIGHT ERRANTRY: Scouts go out singly, or in pairs or as a patrol. If in a town, to find women or children in want of help, and to return and report, on their honor, what they have done. If in the country, call at any farms or cottages and ask to do odd jobs – for nothing.