Unique Jobs: sales rep

I operate a resume writing service. I interview new people every day. In twenty years, I’ve found that everyone has a unique story to tell. That’s my own take on it; fact is, most folks don’t realize there is anything especially unique about themselves.

Here’s someone from recently:

She sells software and technical training packages to engineering firms. She’s just two years out of college and doing quite well at this. In fact she’s the youngest account representative in the firm, and she’s currently generating more than double her sales quota. 

She finds leads, calls them, tells them a little about herself and her firm, finds out about them and their software need, sets up appointments, and goes out to meet them – usually executive-level decision-makers – at their offices. Next, she brings in her technical representative to actually explain the nuts and bolts of the software to the prospect. If all goes well, a deal is struck. She then confers with the client’s finance department to coordinate payment, and she visits the client after the sale to ensure everything was delivered, and the client’s staff were properly trained.

Now, this isn’t the first person I’ve written a resume for who is a busines-to-business sales rep. But this is the first rep I’ve interviewed who doesn’t have a car. She’s based in Manhattan and covers New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania – all by using public transportation.

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