Group: She said

It was our first session together, this particular group. One of the women reminded me so much of my soon-to-be ex-wife that I positioned my folding chair to keep the guy next to me solidly between us so she couldn’t glance over and see me; even though we’d never met.

We were talking about our pasts. The facilitator had asked a general question of us, “What brought you here?”

It was the woman’s turn to speak. “Hmmm, where to start…” she hesitated. “One night we were lying in bed, back-to-back. Things were really bad. I lay there thinking, ‘If I had a knife in my hand, I wonder if I could get up enough momentum to ram it through him…'” and she demonstrated to us by swinging her arm, with an imaginary knife, from in front of her to behind her.

We were all silent. It had obviously been tough for her to admit this. This woman had dignity, as I’d like to believe we all did.

The facilitator was the only one who had the nerve to break the silence, “Sooo,” he ventured, “Then you decided to come here?”

“No,” said the woman, sheepishly, almost apologetically, “That was fifteen years ago.”

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