Counter intelligence

Sound bytes heard at the diner over breakfast:

“Hey, whatever happened to Patty Hearst?”

“Who is Patty Hearst?”

“Who the hell is Alexander Solzen-whatever who just died?”

“If O.J. didn’t kill his wife, does that mean they’re still looking for the real killers?”

“Why is it that the only political bumper stickers I ever see are for the other side?”

“You’re a professional waitress.”

“Me? A waitress? Professional?”

“Yeh; how many plates can you carry at one time?”

“Seven – if they’re not burning hot.”

“There, you’re a professional.”

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One Comment on “Counter intelligence”

  1. Joseph Belle-Isle Says:

    It would appear to be true that a even a ditchdigger would be a professional if he or she could make a living digging ditches. It’s also true that the harder one has to work physicly for a living with ones hand and back the lazier they are. Lazy people work with their hands and backs and perform the trade skills and make the world move. If they weren’t lazy they would have stayed in school long enough to never sweat and make a living.

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