Mention my name! (to the State Police)

Adventures of my brother and his wife: names changed to protect the guilty (Location: Livingston County, New York):

Wife: “Why are you slowing down?”

Husband: “Because I’m being pulled over.”

Wife: “How fast were you going?”

Husband: “Mmmm…”

Wife: “If it’s a state trooper remember what Chuck said to say.”

Husband, rolling down window: “Mmmm…”

State trooper: “Can I see your license please? Thank you. Do you know how fast you were going?”

Husband: “Mmmm…”

Wife, whispering and nudging husband: “Tell him!”

Husband: “Uh…”

Wife: “Officer, my brother is Chuck M—-.”

State trooper, lowering his head to look at wife, and handing the license back to husband: “Have a nice day!”

Note: this is apparently protocol, whether formal or unwritten, that any immediate family members of any New York State Trooper who are pulled over for a standard traffic violation, get a friendly roadside pardon

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