Stay on your side of the hump! riding in the car then and now

Modern car safety laws may have made our lives safer, but in some instances have reduced our quality of life. When families drove around in the ’50s and ’60s we kids could climb over the seats and beat the crap out of each other. We could trespass on our brother’s side of the back seat and beat the crap out of him: “Mom, Dad! Bobby won’t stay on his side of the hump!” The ‘hump’ housed the drive shaft which passed under the car to power the rear wheels.

With the trend toward one airbag per passenger, this virtually eliminates front bench seats. You can’t sit next to your honey and throw your arm around her neck and take your eyes off the road. Or go to the drive-in theater, which they don’t have anymore. If you’re eight, you can’t sit between your mom and dad in front. When I was five I could stand up in the front seat between my mom and dad, with my head jammed into the ceiling; I was just the right height to be the world’s best co-pilot.

Child seats; same issue. How many couples have you seen driving with one at the wheel and the other in the back seat to accommodate the child safety seat up front? When you consider traveling in a car can often be the most quality face time a couple will have during their busy day, that arrangement is no good. It would be nice to have the mother and father both in front and one of them holding the child in their arms. But Big Brother says “No.”

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One Comment on “Stay on your side of the hump! riding in the car then and now”

  1. Jen Says:

    No child under 8 should ride in the front seat…car seat or not. It’s imperative that both parents ride in front so they are the ones injured and not the child.

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