Bald eagle crashes wedding

Last week my nephew and his fiancee, Chris, got married. They had an outdoor wedding with a Hawaiian theme. The ceremony was held in a gazebo, at the north end of Hemlock Lake, one of the smaller Finger Lakes here in Upstate New York. It was a quite a sight seeing 150 people in wild Hawaiian shirts – many with leis – walking along the shore. Several fishermen, sitting quietly and unsuspectingly on the shore with their lines in the water, had this “What the H—?” look on their faces when we all arrived

There’s a bald eagle’s nest at the other end of the lake – about eight miles south. However, during the entire wedding ceremony, the eagle opted to soar directly above the gazebo; albeit high up, you could still see his white head and tail with the naked eye.

Someone said, “Your wedding is blessed; there’s a bald eagle hovering above.”

Some ones else said, “Yeh, ‘blessed,’ like in ‘e pluribus unum;’ you’re gonna be rich!”

Sunshine and an eagle. It could have been rain and mosquitoes. It’s nice when you have an outdoor affair and nature cooperates.

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