Medications gone wild: legal drug abuse

As a professional resume writer I recently interviewed a registered nurse to update her resume. She has medical responsibility for 25 individuals with developmental disabilities who are clients of an agency in upstate New York.

One of her responsibilities is administering medications. She said one of her clients takes eleven prescribed medications per day; another takes 33 different medications per day. The remaining clients take somewhere in between, or an average of 22 different medications per day, per client.

That’s 550 prescriptions per day, among just 25 people.

This is incredible from two points of view. First from the utter numbers: they suggest overuse of drugs and question the lack of depth in medical intervention versus treatment of symptoms. Second is from the point of view of the individual client. Imagine taking 22 different prescriptions every day. How much of your true genetic physiology would you be able to retain? And how do the side effects of each drug impact the other drugs?

I related this anecdote to an administrator working in a similar agency, keeping my client anonymous. He indicated this is par for the course, that the wanton prescribing of drugs is widespread.

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One Comment on “Medications gone wild: legal drug abuse”

  1. Ellen B. Says:

    Scarey stuff, I have heard that taking 6 or more perscriptions is certain to cause a negative Drug interaction.

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