LPGA, mangez le merd!

I am still reeling from the audicity displayed by the Ladies’ Professional Golf Association (LPGA) requiring all contestants in this tour to be able to speak English beginning in 2009. That’s right, the US, the only mono-linguistic country in the world, requiring foreigners to speak our language. It’s the American way, or amscray!

This is obviously because the LPGA is about making money first and wants its players to be able to endorse sponsors; golf, sportsmanship and international relations are secondary.

Tour staff will identify players who need to be “evaluated.”

I thought the whole purpose of sports was to provide a level playing field, leaving behind politics and cultural differences, and providing a venue through which those who strive can excel.

This international arrogance perpetrated by the LPGA is the last thing the US needs. The tour has 121 international players hailing from 26 countries, many of which – contestants and countries – are multi-lingual. Imagine the Olympic Games requiring of its athletes fluency in host-country language, or fluency in any two languages. The irony is that only US contestants would be disqualified, because in almost every other country in the world people speak two or more languages or dialects.

LPGA officials say they hope it won’t really come to this but the damage is already done by the initial statement. Maybe no golfers are offended. Maybe no Muslim terrorists are offended. But I am.

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