Press uno for English: Part I

As a resume writer I recently interviewed two young men, both of whom speak Spanish. One is Puerto Rican, grew up in New York City, spoke Spanish at home, and English at school. So he’s bilingual. The second fellow is Italian, spoke Italian growing up at home, and English at school.  So he too is bilinugual.

The Italian then took an international customer service job requiring Spanish. Since he was already fluent in Italian, he taught himself Spanish somewhat easily.

Okay, so we have a Hispanic person who grew up virtually in the streets of New York City, and we have a Spanish-speaking Italian-American with an MBA working for a Fortune 500 company. I posed this question to both of them: “Do you think the day will come when we will hear, ‘Press one for Spanish, two for English'”?

Their answers were essentially the same: No.

Reason? There are not enough words in Spanish, they both felt, especially modern and technical words, to allow it to overtake English as the preferred language of this country

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