Press uno for English: Part II

I’ve been exploring job opportunities overseas with USAid and through friends I have already working in Asia and the Middle East. They tend to have rigid requirements in terms of education, experience and skills.  In fact, they often aren’t politically correct: “No one 60 or over need apply” – imagine saying that in the US in a help-wanted ad?!

They often require a ridiculous amount of experience, graduate degrees (PhD preferred, Master’s considered), and proficiency in such exotic languages as Dari, Farsi, Pota, or Hindi. But the one requirement almost all of them have, no matter what country, no matter what level (even for one rare administrative assistant job I saw requiring only a high school diploma) is English.

Further, 90% of those requiring English go on to stipulate it must be flawless “Western” English, as in native tongue; i.e., “American.”

So, it appears that even in some of these backward or emerging countries where they shoot rather than smear political opponents, where they shit in the road, grow opium in the front yards of their shacks made of blue plastic tarps, and hate Americans – it would appear that even they know: The necessary language to enable advancement as a culture is English. And the necessary format is Western.

If these agrarian, woman-abusing, suicidal religious zealots know this, why don’t we, ourselves?!

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