My candidate

I’m growing annoyed at the stream of group e-mails I receive from people promoting or trashing a particular presidential candidate. These messages are sent as if I am on board and already agree with the sender. Or is it that the sender doesn’t care about me, my beliefs, or my feelings.

I receive e-mails trashing Sarah Palin, her record as a mayor, governor, wife and mother. I’ve been bombarded with information about the shortcomings of Barack Obama, his mother, his father, and his brother living on another continent. Some of these e-mails are funny, some nasty, some stupid. Whatever they are, I don’t want to see them. I don’t like having others’ opinions foisted on me like that, whether I agree with them or not.  But the senders don’t seem to get it.

There used to be a saying: Never talk politics or religion. I once thought that adage represented a head-in-the-sand reaction by people who didn’t want to be engaged in life, that is to say communicate and challenge themselves. But I frankly take offense at being told my candidate is no good. I react to these e-mails as if someone were attacking my religion – the other component of that adage. As if they were saying “Because you are Jewish/Catholic you just don’t get it, Rich.” Or, “Because you are NOT Jewish/Catholic, you don’t get it.”

No e-mail is ever going to change my mind. Infact, I resent them so much that they’ll likely further entrench me in my already held belief.

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3 Comments on “My candidate”

  1. Frank Paolo Says:

    Wow- you’re Jewish/Catholic?! Does that mean you’re frugal about your guilt?

  2. You always get the last word in, Frank!

  3. Frank Paolo Says:

    Which half insulted my cats, Tuesday & Wednesday, as “so, middle-of-the-week”? Hmmm? Mock me, spit on my shoes, laugh at me on the street – – but insult the best cats in the universe and you’ve got trouble, Mr.

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