Culture based on credit

A mortgage company  purchased the office building in which my resume writing business is located. The mortgage company and its employees all moved in recently, taking over the second and third floors. And the parking lot.

Their vehicles can be immediately spotted as one scans the parking lot. Unlike the usual sedans of the doctors, therapists and hairdressers that have been here for years, their’s are big SUVs – mostly black – almost like it’s a requirement for employment. Many have vanity license plates: MRTG GIRL, HOUSMONY, PREM MTG, etc.

In this economic climate I think it’s time to see different license plates: NOPLASTC, BANKMONY, SAVE UP, and PAYCASH.

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One Comment on “Culture based on credit”

  1. Joseph A. Belle-Isle Says:

    How about license plates that say, “Please steal me before my last insurance payment is used up!”

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