Farrakhan calls for ‘new beginning’

Am I the only one who has seen this headline in several places and mistook it for more racially-colored denouncements of our society?

On Monday, October 20, I finally had a chance to read a Chicago Tribune article by Jeff Long that, to me, spelled a welcome relief.

The Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan spoke to a crowd of 7,500 – two-thirds of whom had to stand outside in tents and watch him on TV screens – at the dedication of a mosque on Chicago’s South Side. His talk started out sounding, as usual, like a far-reaching cultural complaint, but then took what to me was an unexpected turn…for the better?

Here is an excerpt from his one hour-and-forty-five minute speech:

“Religion as it is being preached and practiced is a failure…That failure is evidenced by the bloodshed that stains city streets across America and marks conflicts around the globe…Are Muhammad and Jesus enemies? Why, then, are we?

This past February, during the democratic presidential primary, Farrakhan publicly couched Barack Obama as the only hope for healing the racial division in the United States. Ironically, Obama has distanced himself from Farrakhan, and has stated he did not seek his support.

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One Comment on “Farrakhan calls for ‘new beginning’”

  1. Joseph Belle-Isle Says:

    Muhammed and Jesus lived at diffewrent times. Had they been both preaching at the temple where Jesus threw the moneylenders out Muhammed’s followers would have been robbing the moneylenders as they came out of the temple and buying Roman swords with the loot and set up a system where the little theifs cut the big theifs hands and feet off so they couldn’t chase them.

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