Who’s to blame for the $hape we’re in?

You. Me. Us.

I met three friends for lunch yesterday at the Cheese Cake Factory, that chain restaurant expanding around the country. Nice restaurant. Nice waiter – a gung-ho college kid who acted as if there was nothing he’d rather be doing than waiting on us. Good food. Nice presentation.

The bill was $75.00. Four people, simple lunch – soup, sandwich and salad. No fancy drinks. One dessert was split among three of us. $75.00, plus tip, is $90, or $22.50 apiece. Maybe I sound like I live in the woods but that’s outrageous. I’m not blaming the Cheese Cake Factory. My guess is they’re paying $40,000 a month ($1333/day!) in rent for their free-standing building in the center of one of the wealthiest malls in New York State.

I blame me, myself, for even going there. And I take issue with the other patrons, some in business suits, others in sweatshirts, for spending that kind of money on something that should cost only half of what we paid or, better yet, be packed at home for dimes and quarters in a brown paper bag, and carried to work.

America can’t blame Wall Street for anything. America doesn’t want to be responsible. America wants to buy now, what we don’t need, and what we can’t afford to pay cash for, and worry about it all later on.

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2 Comments on “Who’s to blame for the $hape we’re in?”

  1. paolo. Says:

    Outrageous! The point-of-diminishing-return for a lunch like you describe should be $7 or $8. Once my Dad won some attendance award at Xerox. The gift they gave him was a $100 dinner for two at the Rio. He gave the prize to me and my ex-wife. He said, “A $100 dinner would make me sick.” He wasn’t big on wretched excess. I’m getting more like him every day.

  2. Joseph Belle-Isle Says:

    You are so right.

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