Local media kow-tows to wrong people

Imagine you are in the business of producing news stories. You package and present this news to readers, listeners or viewers. Because your news stories attract readers and listeners, you can sell advertising and your paper/station makes money.

You have sources from which to gather information for your stories. If you want to know what the police are up to, you want to be able to go to the source – the police. It makes good business sense that you are going to coddle, not threaten and jeopardize your sources.

This system has a downside. Some media are reluctant to report bad things about their sources. It’s much like the relationship between a politician and a lobbyist. A friend of the NRA is not going to support anti-gun legislation. Similarly, a hometown newspaper is not going detail shortcomings of the police force. How they went to a citizen’s home to take a simple criminal report about stolen lawn ornaments and wound up shooting his dog because it wouldn’t stop barking. Or, how stupid the cops were for arresting some musicians for playing their instruments in the street in celebration of a presidential victory. They aren’t going to say the mayor was an idiot for buying a ferryboat for $50 million; a boat to nowhere. The mayor will no longer speak to them.

I’ve worked in broadcast and print media. I’ve seen incompetency on the part of “news sources” tactfully ignored, daily. “We don’t want to say that about him; we’ll never get any information from him again if we do.”

It makes me want to start my own newspaper, one that tells it like it is.

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One Comment on “Local media kow-tows to wrong people”

  1. Joseph Belle-Isle Says:

    People not only have to know how to read they have to be able to understand what they read. When I get a newspaper anymore it is to read the obituaries but I don’t believe anybody believes anything any newspaper says anymore. I use them to cover the floor to make it easy to clean up messes and to start fires. You would have to convince a sizeable public you weren’t just like all the rest. And get the public to start stopping their education by turning off the TV,and when Oprah stops convincing the public she’s a wise lady full of America’s family values after dumping her own illegitimate little bastard on other people and buying a white man’s Condo so she can look down on what those same white developers have done to ruin the black freedom at AMERICAN BEACH. Perhaps a internet book along the lines of COMMON SENSE to get a newspaper boycott going. While the public demands truth. But they couldn’t read it if they had in front of them.

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