Automakers want their mommy!

Chrysler, Ford and GM are all crying “Mommy!” The executives want a bailout and the union employees want their jobs with full pay and benefits. After generations of winning, that is, reaping huge profits producing gas guzzlers, The Big Three now want their Mommy – the government, to let them win even when there is no profit to be made.

This is a monsterfication of the now omnipresent phenomenon of every child being entitled to play sports regardless of his or her skill level, and at the end of the season every sports team getting a trophy of some kind.

What happened to “You dropped the ball; you lose?” Or, “Your customer base is disappearing; you are going to go out of business?”

The concept of consumerism seems to have evolved into “guaranteed win.”

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4 Comments on “Automakers want their mommy!”

  1. Joseph Belle-Isle Says:

    In 1966 GM was considerred by economists as having the 5th or 6th NATIONAL GROSS INCOME. And GM is part of us. Our Government rooked all of our industries after WWII by rebuilding Germany and Japan with factories better and more up to date than our pre-war industries. Gave our competitors everything we learned. We let Nazi’s and Fascists pay their war debt bystupid things like if we killed a farm animal by accident durring NATO war games we gave them credit for the animal and all the other animals it would hav had if it had reproduced. If we can build our combat enemies the best of the best we should, could, and have to help our own. GM is more than just one co. in trouble. It’s every company accross the U.S. that also supply them with parts and steel. The multi-billion Air Force airbus contract went to Germany or France for Christs sake, and the AF generals when asked why are you sending our military contract overseas replied they hadn’t even considered a American bid because we wanted more- so give it to the Europeans? We better save our industries, all of ’em. By the way, $25 p hr isn’t enough to buy a house and raise a family anymore as well as Daddy could do with 8k a yr in ’59. To become competitive again in this climate we need tarrifs and to stop selling parts of America to other countries. Re-tooling Detroit is one of the very 1st things America needs to do to help break our addiction to foreign oil. And immediately stop health insurance companies from demanding co-payments on life saving operations first.

  2. afrankangle Says:

    The Big 3 executives got themselves into this mess, and the UAW isn’t totally innocent. Together, they formed a pathetic tandem that help bring the foreign automakers to the top of the market.

    On the other hand, without the aid, effect on the ex-workers? Communities with auto-related plants? Workers in automotive supply chain? Now that makes it a tough call.

  3. Jen Says:

    I think it’s more like they want “Big Daddy”. If they listened to their Mothers they would have been building more economical cars long ago. American automobile makers can handle competition. It’s their inablilty to hear and see the writing on the wall that created this issue. Presidents back to Eisenhower have been citing concerns about dependence on foreign oil. Reagan many times. In 1970 I had a very simple, comfortable car that got forty miles to the gallon, had great mechanics and drove more than 300,000 miles. The technology was there but so was greed. If Ford would cut to the chase and utilize the intelligence of its own workforce and set a goal of producing the 21st century’s version of the model T they could solve the problem. They’re not and have not been producing the cars Americans want. Or at least the kind the Mother’s of America want.

  4. Joseph Belle-Isle Says:

    Mr Combs, my 8th grade science teacher at BHS developed a highly efficient generator that would revolutionize auto power back in 1960. He sold it to Detroit and like hundreds of other good ifeas they bought it to put it on a shelf so no-one could use it. He also had a real good idea for a simple carburator. I saw an old man here make a setup for a gas guzzling pickup where he put his own manifold above the carb to hold a lawnmower carb. and used 2 electric fuel pumps. when the large carb got the truck up to 55mph he flipped a switch and it kept pace with a lawnmower carb- getting around 40MPG. In WWII when gas was rationed one fellow wrapped the copper gas line around the muffler headers and after the vehicle was moving he pre-heated diesel with the gas tubing on the muffler and made a gas Carb and plugs work on diesel fuel. We have all sorts of things we can do we’re not doing. We must just like getting robbed we let it happen so much, or our leaders might be on the take. Maybe.

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