President Obama

Notice I didn’t say “President-elect” Obama. This man won the election by such a literal and psychological margin that he has created a vacuum in Washington, and a virtual pandemic of hope, which the media has picked up on.

Two months still before his innauguration, there is more in the news about Obama – what he is doing behind the scenes to prepare for his assumption of the Presidency – than any other President-elect I can recall. Usually new President-elects fall into an abyss, news-wise. Often the media has to almost create stories about the incoming President, the soon-to-be new star of the show, who is waiting powerless and quietly off stage to be handed his script.

Not this President-elect. He’s writing the script himself. In fact, there seems to be more in the news about Obama than the current star of the show, the sitting President George W. Bush.

Maybe the next four years really are going to show America a different kind of Presidency. Maybe this really is going to be a change in the way government is run. I hope so. If not, I fear it’s almost too late.

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One Comment on “President Obama”

  1. Joseph Belle-Isle Says:

    Who will be the first reporter and in which media to either shout across the airwaves or print headlines in large letters that will say, “THE HONEYMOON IS OVER!!!” A different kind of Presidency. That thought surely could only be believed by people who may have thought they new what GW’s Presidency was about. The person we need was never even able to think for a moment his vote really counted. A representative that represents us. Someone who can realize we learned about King Arthur and the Crusades in Grammar school but it’s not over and it’s not kid stuff. We need an OXYMORON.

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