Frozen turkey bowling

Overweight Americans, in a parking lot filled with SUVs, bowling with frozen turkeys:

Wal-Mart employees, in a warehouse filled with mountains of merchandise, bowling with frozen turkeys:

It’s a good thing there’s no one starving in Africa, or simply short on cash for the Thanksgiving holiday in Detroit. Otherwise these actions might be viewed as wasteful or out of touch, and the making of these videos might seem naive, or even offensive.

Personally, I think if Osama Bin Laden were to broadcast a new anti-American video, it couldn’t summon up an image of us any more negative than these videos, made by actual Americans.

The caption for the videos might read: “We Americans go to work and this is how we spend our time there. We have natural resources with which to grow food and this is how we use them. We have mass communication technology, like YouTube, available to every man, woman and child. This is how we use it.”

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4 Comments on “Frozen turkey bowling”

  1. Joseph Belle-Isle Says:

    Television, The use of a Cathode ray Tube that now uses LCD’s to make pictures was intended so a person could actually look at who he is talking to on the Telephone. This was demonstrated by Secretary of Commerce Hoover in the late 1920’s in a historic phone call between he and someone else. Between washington, D.C. and Boston. That was read about in the newspapers. Nobody involved in inventing broadcasting pictures thought about television shows I’m sure. But It was reported that Saddam Hussein got his understanding of America by watching DHARMA and GREG. Our kids, us included as the first grow up to TV babysitting generation get their ideas about America from TV. There is so much more than just turkey’s rolling that shows ridiculous media decided views of America maybe Television shows should come with a warning like that stamped on cigarrettes. “This Television show is made up entertainment and not real. ” And doccudrama’s like people bowling with turkeys should begin by saying , “The people involved in this waste of food and money have been terminated from their jobs.” Or in jail. Whatever, but in the opening not just the ending.

  2. paolo. Says:

    Unfortunately, Mr. Belle-Isle, the turkey bowlers DO represent a sizable chunk of American society. Is it any wonder many people in the world hate our guts?

  3. Joseph Belle-Isle Says:

    Paolo- It’s been 80 years or so since we had the dustbowl that actually starved Americans. Don’t you worry about our spoiled that will have to join the military for a job and go abroad and actually see poverty. Or the ones that spoiled stupidity will deprive them of all that could be good in their lives. Their hard times are coming hard and fast. Starving people don’t watch you tube. The problem is simply people everywhere are gullible and stupid. And evil. Trying to bomb people into submission didn’t work for Hitler and what amazes me is our military industrial complex thinks they can make it work. Killing the wrong people and not helping the right ones while pretending to be Christian (Actually unfortunately doing that and really being Christian) is what makes most American haters hate us, not food. And we are sooo hated we are having to build a fortress out of our border to keep those foreigners out. Of a place they hate? I’ll bet you have never been in a stone age country. Don’t believe anything you read and only half of what you see. And forget about our media, newspapers and TV. Most American haters I’ve seen and heard from are either dictators or from Hollywood. Or all accross America. They don’t get to live like the TV families do and it’s the Governments fault. Someone should MAKE them stay in school long enough to get a good job is the way some people act when they figure out they screwed themselves.

  4. Joseph Belle-Isle Says:

    I don’t know how to edit the stone age remark or I would if I could. But I can feel the hard times coming and I add it all up to stupidity. Real smart stupid people in charge. How can leaders that have never worked make something work?

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