fcuk Charm School!

Visiting Montreal recently, I was taken aback by a sign on the front of a clothing store that said, simply, “fcuk.” It was a large sign with bold lettering and it faced up and down the street, visible in both directions. “fcuk” stands for French Connection United Kingdom, a British retailer, who has deliberately capitalized on the similarity between their business acronymn and the word “fuck.”

This past weekend, I happened to catch five minutes of a cable television show called “Charm School,” a moronic series featuring Sharon Osbourne. Half the spoken dialogue was bleeped out due to profanity on the part of all players.

Then there is the delightful book I ran across in the outdoor section of a bookstore, “How to Shit in the Woods.”

The book, the clothier, and the television show all seem to represent the tip of an iceberg of “vulgarity for vulgarity’s sake” lurking just below the surface of American culture, waiting for our nation’s moral standards to slacken, as they seem to be doing daily, until vulgar is “normal.” Until the book can be in the front window of the bookstore. Until they can spell it the right way. Or would that be the wrong way?

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5 Comments on “fcuk Charm School!”

  1. Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

  2. delwin17 Says:

    Do you remember the letter that had a paragraph with every word mispelled terribly except the first and last letters of the word? In our minds that is how we read. If you studied the paragraph it made no sense but if you scanned it quickly it was completely understandable, word for word. Our minds can read word perfectly that are mispelled terribly if the first and last letters are correct and there is the proper amount of letters in the misspelled word. He knew what he was doing. Try spped reading this, “SIKCT TI PU SMEOHWREE TAHT YUOR WFIE CNAT FNID TI! iT’S PIG LATIN IN PROSE. My family was French canadian from new Brunswick so of course we are of a higher quality that those FCUKNIG IODITS NI MNOTAERAL. Ecxept of course my relatives in Montreal.

  3. paolo. Says:

    Everything is relative. My favorite poster from my Anti-Vietnam War days said:
    “FUCK WAR – After Napalming Children, Nothing Obscene.”

  4. delwin17 Says:

    Paolo- everyone that went there said that. Why did no-one else but me realize Cheney’s Haliburton was an offshhot of Brown+Root/ or LBJ’s way to make billions while not worrying a twit about killing us. it belongs to lady bird johnson and her ignorant royalty> Fuck War is missing something without adding Fuck Cheney, Fuck Bush, Fuck LBJ, and if you really believe Kennedy wanted to get ut OUT, Why did he get us IN? Fuck Kennedy. Nixon actually got us out and history shows his real battle was in doing that. Fuck Congress. The price of Gas flying back down meets the speed of the white house paper shredders. CHENEY AND BUSH ARE PART OF OPEC.

  5. delwin17 Says:

    aND IT WAS THE sOUTH VIETNAMESE THEMSELVES THAT DROPPED THE NAPALM ON THE LITTLE GIRL RUNNING NAKED IN THAT FAMOUS PHOTOGERAPH, AND THE PEACE SIGN- the peace sign is the tunnel diagram of enemy sapper basecamps. FUCK IGNORANCE. You have the right idea, I could fill some holes in there for you but the idea is is the same conclusion. The Anti war people that were actually effective were the WWII vets that started the movement and the guys coming home that said-FUCK WAR. I don’t have the room here to show you how Pearl Buck’s comments on how the Red Chinese got involved in the Korean War showed the real reason we never fought the enemy where he lived- in HANOI. In an unwinnable war. Fuck people that say an “A” bomb would have done it.

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