Big Three Omelet

Ralph, way down there at the end of the counter by the cash register, reads newspapers from all over the U.S. This morning he looks up from his copy of Prime Time Cape Cod and his steaming hot tea, and continues his monologue on the Big Three’s quest for a government bailout:

“To add to the scandal,” he says, “the U.S. gave GM $2 billion two years ago to develop fuel-efficient cars…battery, hydrogen natural gas, electric-gasoline hybrids…”

No one else at the counter says anything. They are either too angry, themselves, or perhaps it’s still too early in the morning.

Ralph continues, “So they began work on the experimental cars, but they were just covering their tracks. They wound up deceiving taxpayers and bought Hummer, a gas-guzzling behemoth that returned $20-$30,000 profit per unit on a $1ook-plus model. The dealers were making unheard of gross profits. Feel sorry for them? Never!”

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One Comment on “Big Three Omelet”

  1. delwin17 Says:

    South Africa has been guilding “V” bottomed vehicles for their troops for years. To help deflect the blast from landmines or IED’s. The hummer is not even an effective fighting vehicle but the contract had to be fulfilled. Again it is more important that the money be made than the men’s safety. Would it be too much to ask for defense contracts to have clauses for battlefield learned mistakes to be corrected? Apparently. OR they are actually there but would make the kickbacks smaller.

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