Big Oil – Big Three

Ralph, the tea-drinking car wholesaler at the end of the counter has one more idea to add: “Let the automakers borrow the billions they need from the big oil companies. The oil companies have made their fortunes powering these obsolete monsters for almost a century. Let Oil partner with Auto; the Oil-Big Three Synergy.”

He continues, “Notice Big Oil’s silence during all this commotion about a bailout? I find it significant. Where are the think tanks on this one?

“As a common US citizen, I am a mere sharecropper to Auto and Oil. We loan them billions, then we’re supposed to turn around and be good citizens and buy their cars. Give them more money for a car made with money from my unpaid loan.

“Is anyone listening?” he asks of the silent counter. “No? Oh, right, I forgot, Christmas is just around the corner!”

Joe, a Vietnam veteran, mumbles, his mouth still in his coffee cup, “They might break even on Hummer if the war in Iraq continues.”

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One Comment on “Big Oil – Big Three”

  1. delwin17 Says:

    Joe, a Vietnam veteran but a different aint mumbling but thinking. Oil sellers and automobile sellers. If you took the names of the investers in each group and mixed them up in a big jar and shook it and poured names out into a pile of the investors in weaponeering, and you had one name per slip of paper, would you need a empty big jar of baby aspirin or an empty big jar of KY jelly to put all the papers back in one jar and would each name be on three slips?

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