Caroline Kennedy – not!

There is talk of New York Governor Patterson appointing Caroline Kennedy to the US Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton, who was named Secretary of State by President-elect Barack Obama.

The idea of this person from out of nowhere representing New Yorkers in the Senate is preposterous. What does the heiress of Camelot bring to the table? Caroline Kennedy has never worked a day in her life. That, in itself, is not a crime. But this is someone who has never had to negotiate, ask for, or demand something of someone – anyone.

And from this Upstate New Yorker’s perspective, Downstate-based Caroline Kennedy knows and cares no more about the concerns and welfare of we Western New Yorkers than a Chilean llama herder.

There are other more qualified people for the position, like, say, New York’s Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who has already been elected to a public office by the people of New York.

There is an even more important issue here: What is a New York State Senate seat, anyway? A gift? A reward? A perk, to be handed out to cool people?

Let the ‘cool’ people govern California; give New York a worker bee.

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2 Comments on “Caroline Kennedy – not!”

  1. delwin17 Says:

    uhhh, I have not been in N.Y. since 1973 but I grew up up there. I love N.Y. I thought when Hilary ran on a platform of “I love to go shopping there!” that you Yankee brothers and sisters would NEVER fall for that, but you did. I travelled through California but was scared to bend over around all those “cool” people lest I would lose the ability to call birds when I passed gas. And I also don’t have anything against Caroline but she must be working her way through grief to want to join her Uncle and her brother so soon.

  2. delwin17 Says:

    I’ve been thinking about Caroline Kennedy. I was about a kid when I saw those cute pictures of her playing in the Oval Office. And the VA has been giving me testosterone shots again so my body has an ample supply of testosterone. And I’ve been thinking about Caroline, and crooks, and political hacks. And if I have to take testosterone to keep my strength and my heart pumping and my bones strong and I have a choice between seeing Caroline on the news or political hacks or menopausal Clintons (What’s the diff?) then so long as I’ve got three legs to stand on I’d rather think about Caroline.

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