Print versus electronic media

Rochester’s daily newspaper, the Democrat & Chronicle,  recently announced it was laying off fifty staff. These aren’t the first folks to leave and likely won’t be the last. Downsizing at newspapers is a national trend. The D&C attributed the work force cut to a dwindling advertising base and a loss of younger readers to competitive electronic media.

Art, a once-a-week diner patron, is a part-time professor of journalism and communication at the local community college. I ask him his thoughts about the future of printed newspapers. His answer surprises me. He doesn’t have to talk complex economics or abstract media theory to make his point.

“My students don’t even read newspapers. They have other sources…TV, the internet. There’s been a paradigm shift in how we get information and in what we actually perceive as valuable information.”

Abandoning print media in favor of electronic information isn’t occurring just in Art’s classroom; it’s everywhere. In fact, as I speak there is a stack of new phone books in the front foyer of my apartment building. They’ve been there for a month. None of the tenants have claimed them. I can recall a time when the new phone books came out and people grabbed them up; took extras; flat out stole their neighbors’ copies. Now, there sits the new yellow and white pages, ignored and unwanted, just like, well, spam.

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3 Comments on “Print versus electronic media”

  1. delwin17 Says:

    Could you send me one of those unwanted phone books please. And wow, I uploaded a pic of Audi Murphy for a different reason than to be posted with every comment I ever make on every blog. I’m sorry about that and hope it turns back into me by tommorow! Thanks.

  2. Delwin
    I know what you look like and I do not share your hope that the picture of Audie Murphy will turn back into a picture of you.

  3. Capt.Drydock Says:

    Every one that I have talked to about the reasons of not subscribing for the D & C is the liberal slant they put on every thing.. People just want the true facts and make up there own minds on news..Most call it the “fish wrapper now”. Consequently people have moved on to the internet to find the truth in news..

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