Where does the money come from?

I am in the Bagel Bin, a sort of independent Starbucks located near my office. I’ve been stopping here for bagels (made from scratch on site) for fifteen years. In the beginning there were three workers: a bagel maker and two counter people. Now they’ve expanded their space and there are a dozen workers at any given time throughout the day. You’d think with the cost of everything going up that people would be looking to cut out unnecessary expenses…like a bagel and coffee for $4.00, when they could eat toast and coffee at home for a tenth that amount.

In fact, not only is the Bagel Bin doing a land office business, added to the adults who used to wait in line there are now children. Eleven- to-14-year-olds, buying bagels, bottled water, and juices. I can tell by the way they pull the folding money out of their pockets and handle it prior to giving it to the cashier that they didn’t earn it. They don’t have jobs or even paper routes. They barely know what money is, yet they’re packing enough to buy non-necessities alongside adults.

Where does the money come from?

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4 Comments on “Where does the money come from?”

  1. delwin17 Says:

    I can tell you have never been a pothead, maybe as a youth you may have sampled but obviously have no idea. “Trips” are selling for $15 a pop, and Hydroponic weed for $50 a tiny bag. I’ve watched three generations since I came home and the best stuff comes FROM the high schools. They ask me if it was true that there was really good stuff in S.E.Asia and I play along because I want to find out what our little dears are doing. And I found out and I just told you. When they come of age they go to jail and Momma asks WHY? “We gave them everything.”

  2. paolo. Says:

    “Trips” are selling for $15 a pop, and Hydroponic weed for $50 a tiny bag.”

    Where do I send my order?

  3. Jeff Says:

    I am looking for the lakecompasser website I first enjoyed a few years ago. Seeing that the website doesn’t exist, is there another place to access your entertaining trip journal?

  4. delwin17 Says:

    Paolo, the jr. gangst’ section of my dysfunctional “young” (as in-‘they eat their young’) don’t take mail order. So Solly.

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