Bad economy: attitude or reality?

You can’t make up stories like this one: The Bagel Bin, the place I just mentioned in my last post where I frequently enjoy fresh bagels and can blend my own cup of coffee, was shut down last week by the State of New York for failure to pay $47,000 in state sales taxes. They re-opened just this morning, Tuesday, December 23, at 6 A.M. Ironically, I was able to keep a lunch meeting there today – scheduled prior to the brief closing.

This is just one of several close-to-home signals that the bad economy is a reality, not simply a negative attitude. The Jiffy Lube across the street from my office building closed recently, along with the seven other Jiffy Lubes in the city owned by the same franchisee.

Even closer to home: my fellow business tenants and I have come to the realization that our landlord is not in good financial shape. This is tied directly to the mortgage failures; our landlord is in the mortgage business. I have become the unofficial designee to call Rochester Gas & Electric, monthly, to make sure he is paying the utilities for our building. If he isn’t, we may elect to pay them ourselves, versus pay our rent. That could prove to be a most interesting situation.

Back at my favorite diner, Gitsis, on Rochester’s southeast side, the owner, George, has put up thousands of Christmas lights, and is very much in business as usual.

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