Tele-professions #1

I share an office suite with a recruiter. She was having a problem with a special program on her computer so she called customer support. She waited on “hold” for thirty minutes before someone finally picked up the phone. But then they immediately hung up on her before she could even speak. She called again, was on hold for another thirty minutes, and again, someone picked up the phone and instantly hung up on her. This happened a third time. She was, of course, exasperated.

She and I discussed this and we arrived at a possible answer: the incoming call load at the call center must have been so heavy that the reps reduced the number of calls waiting by simply hangingup on callers. This implies irresponsibility on the part of the call center reps, but what other explanation is there?

She never did get through to customer support and wound up calling someone she knew who solved the problem for her.

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