Tele-professions #3

I am a professional resume writer. When I started my business 20 years ago clients came to my office, I interviewed them, wrote their resumes on a word processor, and provided them with packages of 25 or 50 hard copies.

This has changed significantly, thanks to the computer, the phone and the internet. I now interview people all over the world, from California to China, and e-mail them their completed resumes.

These may be clients who have relocated, or people referred to me by other clients. In today’s mobile world it is not unusual for someone to have a relative or friend in another country. As a result, I interviewed one client’s father who works for the Oil Ministry in Qatar, another client’s fiancee who is a prison guard in Ontario, Canada, and another client’s brother who is an engineer in the Philippines.

Interestingly, with all the credit card scams and identity theft I hear about, I am always impressed by the fact that these people, many of whom I’ve never met, will give me their credit card number over the phone, in advance. I am delighted to be one of many businesses that conduct credible business and monetary transactions over the phone.

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One Comment on “Tele-professions #3”

  1. delwin17 Says:

    I missed this on earier Rich but there is a pretty good reason for that. The 3 numbers on the back of the card and if credit works like debit there’s pretty good guarantee. The thefts happen some of the time if a scoundrel can get a keylogger on your computer when you purchase over the net but that’s rare, and most of us that use a debit card like that only have a little money in that account. AND THE BIG REASON IS!!! Most identity theft that really hurts people is done by a relative or someone close to you you would trust. And if you use a debit card you can use an 800 number 24 hours a day to check on it and I do, often. The scam going around that really gets people is somebody puts an add in the paper for a new government contract in your area offering federal wages and benefits and they will even meet you for lunch, pay for it, charm you, and collect a liitle background information so the Gov. can check you out. It’s happening all over the country but there are no jobs and they have all kinds of background stuff on you. You never think someone buying you something is stealing from you.

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