Headlines! Daily newspaper cuts own throat!

Our daily newspaper here in Rochester, the Democrat & Chronicle, is getting thinner and thinner as the weeks go by. Getting thinner as it loses readers and advertisers to electronic news sources.

I’ve watched the newspaper try to attract younger readers with stories about bars and nightclubs. I’ve watched it try to reel in minority readers. It’s no secret they have a “minority photograph ratio” requirement for each issue; an article about this appeared in City, the area’s “alternative” weekly newspaper.

I’ve got news for the people at the newspaper. Older white people read newspapers. Young white people and minorities do not. I used to own a double house in the inner city. The street was 95% black and Hispanic. On trash pick-up day, for the entire length of the street, there were no newspapers in the recycling bins sitting by the curb.

Not only is our daily newspaper wooing uninterested readers, in reducing their page count they recently removed one thing – an edge they have over electronic news media – a crossword puzzle. A puzzle is interactive. The reader can spend all day with the paper doing the puzzle. A crossword is so important, not only shouldn’t it be cut, there should be three different ones in each issue with one on the front page.

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One Comment on “Headlines! Daily newspaper cuts own throat!”

  1. delwin17 Says:

    The papers had to get BIG. And the big ones bought and pushed the little ones out, like the BIG farmers bought and pushed the small farmers out with their big expensive farming tools in the 30’s. Now what was big then is still a small family farm, hard work, etc. If I may be so bold as to read between your lines, they need to read their own product and put some entertainment in it. An oustanding humorist like Frank still can only hit a part of a readership. TV has become a sideshow. Electronic news is still and will continue to be way too spread out. The JUMBLE had a cash payoff. Lotteries are legal. How about crossword puzzles with news items in the questioning and a monetary payoff. How about a good fixed payoff (Dr. Joyce Brothers) cross between numbers running and crosword puzzles, one for the week, one for the month, and one for a yearly payoff. It took a NY Yank to come south and get a home with bribery, Bang bang, headthump headthump, when all else fails bribe someobody, try everybdoy.

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