Bird feeder as a mirror of life

A couple days ago I was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast, cognizant of the fact that there were birds at the feeder just outside the window, but paying them little mind since they were run-of-the-mill house sparrows. Suddenly there was a flash of movement at the feeder. By the time I looked, all I could see was a hawk flying off with what appeared to be a house sparrow in his talons.

My friend, Dale, said the snow is so deep in his back yard in Saratoga Springs, NY, that a squirrel can walk across the top of it, step right over the squirrel foil on the bird feeder pole, and help itself to more sunflower seeds than a whole flock of sparrows can consume.

The hawks and the squirrels don’t follow the system we had in mind when we installed the feeders: wait your turn…do unto others… 

Like real life, the big guys eat the little guys, and the freeloaders tend to take the lions share.

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One Comment on “Bird feeder as a mirror of life”

  1. Capt.Drydock Says:

    Yep! That’s life in New York State.. Corrupt politicians and the countries best welfare package.. Work harder and faster,the free loaders are depending on you..

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