I operate a resume writing service in Rochester, New York. I also write freelance for magazines and newspapers. I wanted to write for myself and share some personal observations so I created this blog. I often overhear social commentary in diners, from both sides of the counter. I frequent Gitsis Texas Hots, on Rochester’s east side. There, street people, business people, and skilled trades share the same menu. Breakfast commentary can be especially profound as patrons drink their first morning coffee and behold the newspaper headlines. Hence, Counter Intelligence.

Thanks for stopping in. I’ll try to post two to three times a week.

Richard Shade Gardner

P.S. The diner artwork is “Nighthawks,” by Edward Hopper


3 Comments on “About”

  1. Terri Zbick Says:


    I remember (and it doesn’t seem like that long ago) when it was difficult to get you to upgrade from your “automatic” word processor to a computer and now here you are blogging for heaven’s sake. Like the collectable antique typewriter on display in your office, the value to your audience is continually appreciating with your ability to communicate on so many levels


  2. Meda Opheim Says:

    I your writing style really loving this site.

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